About Us

We are dancers and we know the struggle of finding THE right piece to wear to class, rehearsal or in the free time.

We didn't found DANEAWARE to get rich but to give dancers like us a real alternative to the established brands which don't care about dance. We want you to feel understood as an artist. We want your message to be heard.

We are NOT just an online shop but more a tight community of individuals who embrace to learn and grow together.

We feel super fortunate to see our pieces get rocked all around the world, including in such legendary dance studios like the MILLENNIUM DANCE COMPLEX and 1MILLION STUDIO.

However, we don't really care about big names. Every piece sold brings us closer to reach our mission to make dance go international. We want your sweat and tears to get recognized and celebrated like in other sports. We are not just accessories but true artists!

Please consider buying your DANCEAWARE piece if you are a dancer and want us to help to accomplish our mission. But don't worry, even if you rock a different brand, we still love you and will always hype you like one of your best crazy friends!

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